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Are You Getting Enough Fluids While Exercising?

August 11, 2014

As the summer month's continue to heat up, staying hydrated during exercise is critical to your wellness.

Thomas Thekkekandam, MD, a.k.a. Dr. T. , a sports medicine and primary care physician with Cone Health Primary Care at MedCenter Kernersville, provides these guidelines for fluid intake around your workout.

  • 500mL of fluid should be consumed 1-2 hours before you begin to exercise.
  • 400mL of fluid should be consumed 15 minutes pre-exercise.
  • 150mL of fluid should be consumed every 10-15 minutes during exercise. 

If you are taking part in any physical activity that is expected to last more than an hour, you should drink fluids that contain 6 to 8% glucose.  Any drinks with more or less glucose can be detrimental to performance.


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