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Summer Fun for Preschoolers

July 31, 2014

Wondering how to get your preschool child away from the television?

                Here are some tips for play activities from Cone Health Outpatient Rehabilitation. In addition, to addressing various areas of development, these activities will provide some fun for you and your child:

Blowing bubbles
  • Kick high to pop a bubble with each leg.
  • Jump up to pop the bubbles.
  • Pop bubbles using the tip of your index finger.
  • Try to catch a bubble on the wand.
  • Talk about the size and number of bubbles.
  • Let your child try to blow bubbles, and use words and short phrases to ask for more.
Sidewalk chalk
  • Draw big squares and circles, and then jump or hop in and out of them.
  • Draw a straight line and practice walking on the "tightrope."
  • Let your child draw or imitate lines and basic shapes, and then expand to simple pictures for older children.
  • Use different sizes of chalk.
  • Practice naming the colors of the chalk.
  • Talk about what you are drawing, and name and point to body parts after drawing a stick figure.
Pretend to be animals
  • Jump in a squat position like a frog, broad jump like a kangaroo, walk on hands and feet like a cow, gallop like a horse, hop on one foot like a rabbit with a hurt toe and balance on one foot like a flamingo.
  • Crab walk (on hands and feet with tummy facing the sky) for trunk and upper body strength.
  • Hang from your arms like a monkey.
  • Make animal sounds while pretending.
  • Read books about animals and have your child point out different animals that you name.
  • Talk about what animals do, where they live and what they eat.


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