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3 Tips for Snacking this Season

September 22, 2014

Fall signals the start of the party season - from Fall Festivals to Halloween, Thanksgiving and December holiday parties.

Of course, there are some foods you wouldn't dare change - like your aunt's famous sausage balls or the tasty all-butter Christmas cookies.

However, you can change how you approach snacking at these events or what you bring.

For example:

Go with the grain - the benefits of whole grains are confirmed. Higher fiber content can do a body good. Some recipe substitutions are easy to make and some new ingredients can add extra benefit, like adding flaxseed rich in omega-3 oils.

Create your own trail mix - you can read the labels to learn what's in commercial mixes and then devise your own combinations of dried fruits, nuts and cereals. Again it's quantity you want to watch, so use a snack-size plastic bag to pack a half-cup at a time.

Make a fruit and yogurt parfait - fruit, both fresh and frozen, mixed with nonfat yogurt make a nutritious power-packed treat that satisfies.

'Tis the season for eating, so enjoy the foods you really want to have. Just make good choices in your snacks, eat smaller portions and take a walk afterwards.

We'd love to hear your tips and tricks for keeping the party season healthy. 
Share them with us now by leaving a comment below.


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