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4 Ways to Fall into a New Workout

September 15, 2014

Just because summer is ending and the cooler weather is beginning, doesn't mean you can't stay active.

Think of fall as the start of a fresh new fitness season. Here are four ideas to help you make an active transition from summer to fall:

  1. Catch the back-to-school spirit - Sign up for a class in a physical activity you've always wanted to learn. Yoga, pilates and spinning classes may provide options for your winter workouts that keep your interest and activity levels high.
  2. Maintain your skills - Tennis and swimming transfer easily indoors, but if golf or baseball is your sport, it may be harder to find winter opportunities to play. Keep in shape by choosing workouts that mimic motions used in your sport, and keep those muscles strong and flexible.
  3. Sign up for a bad weather backup - Don't let rain or snow give you an excuse to skip a workout. Arrange for an indoor location before you need it. Join a health club, buy a DVD or investigate local mall-walking opportunities.
  4. Find new opportunities to be active - Take the stairs instead of the elevator, park in the lot farthest away or take a quick walk around the block at lunchtime.
Let the cooler temperatures re-energize your commitment to a healthier lifestyle.

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