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7 Tips to Prevent Recurring Back Pain

September 24, 2014

You reach across the table to grab a glass, you bend down to pick up a 5 pound bag of sugar, you stretch to water your plants or you bend to pick up your golf bag and suddenly it happens.

It's that sharp, stabbing pain across your back - a pain you are oh so familiar with.

Low back pain is the leading cause of activity limitation and work absence throughout much of the world, according to recent research. 

Follow these seven practices to take control of your back pain:
  1. Never bend from the waist only; bend from the hips and knees.
  2. Never lift a heavy object higher than your waist.
  3. Place a pillow under the knees for support, when lying on your back.
  4. Avoid soft chairs and deep couches. A straight, hard chair is a back's best friend.
  5. Wear shoes with moderate heels. Avoid changing from high to low heels.
  6. Avoid sudden movements. Learn to move deliberately, swinging the legs from the hips.
  7. Sleep only with one pillow under the head to maintain proper neck posture.
With about 80 percent of individuals experiencing back pain in their lifetime, the use of proper body mechanics is key in the prevention of recurring back pain.


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