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Holiday Stress? Step Away from the Food!

November 26, 2014

Did you know that most people gain anywhere from five to 10 pounds during the holiday season
because of mindless eating due to stress?

Licensed Psychologist David Gutterman, MD, with Cone Health Medical Group’s LeBauer Behavioral Medicine at Walter Reed Drive spoke to WGHP Fox 8 on ways to avoid overeating because of stress during the holiday season.

Here are four tips to avoid stressful overeating:
  • Avoid the "all or nothing" approach to food. Consider eating in moderation.
  • Practice "mindful" eating. Only choose to eat foods that you are interested in instead of filling your plate with a little of everything.
  • Drink alcohol in moderation. Be mindful of how much alcohol you consume. Too much alcohol can lower your inhibition, which can affect being mindful of how much food you're consuming.
  • Set realistic expectations for the holiday season. Remain focused on what the holiday season is about - relationships with family and/or friends.

Let us hear from you. What are ways you avoid putting on the holiday pounds?