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New Year's Resolutions for Kids

December 29, 2014

Debbie Kinney, RN
By: Debbie Kinney, RN
Cone Health Wellness Nurse

Setting a New Year's resolution doesn't have to be a concept for adults only. Parents should encourage their children to set goals for themselves in the New Year, as well.

Kids are more likely to get excited about resolutions by focusing on ways to make health and wellness fun. For example, allow kids to go to the grocery store with you and pick out a new fruit or
vegetable to try each week. This will engage them in the process, as well as give them a little bit of power.

Also, find ways to encourage your kids to incorporate more fitness in the New Year. Throughout these colder months, find clever ways to exercise indoors. For instance, turning on music and dancing around the house. And when its warmer outside, encourage them to get outside for a walk or bike ride.

Getting kids involved with sports, extra-curricular activities and/or wellness programs, which allow them to interact with their peers, is another fun way to have them focus on goals for the New Year.

Cone Health has teamed up with Spears YMCA to offer the Operation Fit Kids program for children in the community. The four-week program incorporates fun, structured physical activity, and nutrition education.

Call 336-387-9622 to learn more or to register your child today.


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