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December 10, 2014

By: Nikia Artis, PT, DPT

Are you ready for winter?

We are fortunate to have both the U.S. Figure Skating Championships and WFMY News 2's Winterfest back in Greensboro this year. Piedmont Winterfest, with its portable ice rink, provides an opportunity for lots of fun. Now a seasonal tradition, attendance in the last four years has averaged 30,000 people.

It opened Nov. 20 and will be open until Jan. 31, 2015 for everyone's enjoyment.

If you plan to put on a pair of ice skates and enjoy time on the rink this season, we hope you'll use caution. Wearing a helmet could help you avoid a concussion. And if you feel yourself starting to fall, try not to put your arms out to catch yourself. This could cause you to sprain your wrist or break your arm. Instead, try to direct yourself toward landing where you have the most padding - on your behind!

Here are a few more tips for inexperienced ice skaters:

  • Learn the basics of ice skating such as how to stop safely and fall properly. 
  • Hold on to the side of the rink until you feel comfortable enough to let go. 
  • Make sure ice skates fit comfortably and that you have enough ankle support and are tied snugly.
  • Do not skate with earbuds in your ears or your hands in your pockets. You need to be able to hear what is going on around you and have your hands ready just in case.
However, don't let the possibility of an injury keep you from having some fun this winter. After all, these same injuries could occur with all kinds of everyday activities and recreation.

Go out, have fun, be safe, and let the U.S. Figure Skating Championships inspire you this winter!

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