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Plan for a Healthy Year with a Primary Care Physician

January 16, 2015

Establishing a primary care provider or physician early is extremely important. Your primary care provider is an essential resource for developing and maintaining your health care goals.
Dr. Ashany Sundaram, a family medicine physician with Cone Health Medical Group, spoke on Fox 8 House Calls about the importance of establishing a primary care provider.

What’s the benefit of a primary care provider?
A primary care provider can establish a baseline and create a personal health history throughout your life. Also, if you come under the care of one or more specialists, your primary care provider can coordinate with them and review their recommendations to make sure nothing “slips through the cracks,” such as identifying prescribed medications that may affect other existing conditions or medications.

How else can a primary care provider help?

Primary care providers play a critical role in helping control chronic health conditions such as high blood pressure, asthma and diabetes. If left uncontrolled, these health conditions can cause serious complications down the road. By keeping these conditions properly monitored and controlled, you can be healthier and decrease personal and overall health care costs.

Watch the video below to learn more.

Click here to plan for your healthy year and locate a primary care provider.


  1. My family doctor retired in March. One of my son's wants to play football in school this coming year and he needs a physical to do that. We need to get a new family doctor in order to get this physical taken care of. The paperwork needs to be submitted two weeks from this Monday.

    1. Bryan, I know the feeling it's always hard when football comes around with the boys at home. Because along with the physical there's going to be injuries that come with the sport. Which is going to require medical attention. Hopefully you can find the primary care that your family needs. http://myfamilydoctorutah.com/family-medicine-practice-primary-care-clinic/

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