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Don't Let Aching Joints Get You Down

February 24, 2015

Dr. Gary Kuzma
Pain in the wrist, hand and/or fingers is quite common. Dr. Gary Kuzma, orthopedic surgeon at Orthopedic and Hand Specialist and member of the Cone Health medical staff provides insight on what could be causing you pain.

What is causing my pain?

  • Tendinitis is one of the main culprits for finger and wrist pain. This pain often occurs with movement of the joints. New mothers, daycare workers and other caregivers are especially susceptible because of the stress on the wrist from frequent lifting.
  • Basal joint arthritis is another common condition that causes pain in the lower part of the thumb. This condition is common in women and can affect an individual's ability to do daily tasks such as unscrewing a lid or turning a door handle.
  • Wrist sprains are another common form of injury that can cause significant wrist pain and long term damage if not properly treated. With sprains, underlying ligament or cartilage injuries are possible and can cause complications later if they don't properly heal.
What are treatment options?
  • Tendinitis can be resolved with cortisone injections.
  • The first line of therapy for basal joint arthritis is splinting, anti-inflammatory medication, heated gloves, paraffin wax, glucosamine-chondroitin supplements, and cortisone injections.
  • If you experience a fall or other accident involving a wrist trauma, seek an evaluation by an orthopedic specialist. Especially if the pain doesn't resolve within a couple of days.
Where can I seek treatment?

Cone Health's Orthopedic Center of Excellence provides access to orthopedic and hand specialists, who are dedicated in treating tendinitis, sprains and other orthopedic and joint disease concerns.

Click here to find a specialist near you.


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