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How Your Phone Can Save Your Life

September 11, 2015

How will they know your previous condition?

Did you know that something you carry with you everywhere may help save your life in the event of an emergency? Your mobile device can be equipped to provide life-saving information necessary to a first responder or medical provider should you be incapacitated. It has the potential to be a modern day medical ID bracelet.

There are a number of apps available for different platforms such as Android or iPhone. We do not endorse any platform, but think it wise to have critical medical information available.

Let’s focus on setting up a medical ID using the iPhone since it is the most popular platform. The Health app that comes with iOS 8 has a Medical ID feature that can be accessed from the phone’s lock screen without having to enter a password. Even if you decide not to use the Health app, you may want to consider using the Medical ID feature.

To use this feature:

1. Open the Health app.

2. Tap Medical ID in the bottom-right to open the feature.

3. Tap Create ID to begin.

There is a toggle switch that will allow Medical ID to be accessed from the lock screen. Turning this feature on will allow anyone who handles your phone to access medical information while the phone is locked. This could possibly be a privacy concern, so be aware that any information you put in Medical ID may be viewed without unlocking the phone. Every field is optional, so you can choose what information to make available within this feature.

Beneath the toggle is where one enters medical information. There is space for birthday, emergency contact and any medical conditions. There is also a place for blood type, weight, height and organ donor status.

Once you have decided what information to include, tap Done.

Now your medical information will be accessible from the lock screen by tapping Emergency


and then tapping Medical ID.


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