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Keeping Kids Healthy During Summer Exercise

July 15, 2016

In a joint survey conducted by YMCA of the USA and American Academy of Pediatrics' Institute for Healthy Childhood Weight, it was found that while 65 percent of all parents know that children should be limited to two hours a day or less of ‘screen time,’ such as playing video games, watching TV, and sitting in front of the computer, almost the same amount—64 percent— said their children spend three or more hours a day on those activities during the summer.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that kids should get at least sixty minutes a day of physical activity. Humidity and heat, as well as busy schedules can certainly make this a challenge in the summer months.

However, there are ways to work around these obstacles such as exercising outdoors in the early morning or evening to avoid extreme temperatures, and breaking up physical activity into shorter intervals if the family’s schedule doesn’t allow a straight sixty minutes of exercise.

Getting outdoors for exercise is great way to increase quality family time, as well, and it doesn’t necessarily have to involve expensive equipment or activities. Simple items, such as balls and jump ropes are handy, inexpensive pieces of equipment to have at home for outdoor fun.
Family walks or bike rides are also a great ways to incorporate physical activity into the day.

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Carrie Sawulski, PT, PCS

Carrie Sawulski, PT, PCS
Pediatric Physical Therapist


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